January 19, 2016, 5:30 pm

JCHGS Board of Directors’ Meeting

 Present: Joanne Anderson, Sherry Owens, Chris Wiggins, Renee Hague, Tommy Wixon, George Sholl, Deidre Denbleyker, Liz Ford, Linda Grimes, and Rose Wittersheim

 1) Transfer of JCHGS equipment to the library

Jennifer Baxter, Library Manager, spoke to the Board. She discussed the libraries strategic plan for moving forward with the digitization project.           Some recommendations were made including: the need to formalize the relationship between the library and the Society; appointing a full-time Department Manager; adopting MDAH standards. The transfer of ownership of the scanning equipment from the Society to the Library, with the Library taking over responsibility for the equipment, was discussed. The Board agrees in principle; however, we need to clarify some issues, first. Further discussion is needed.

2) Minutes from previous meeting were read and approved.

3) Treasurer’s Report

            a) Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement were distributed and             discussed.

            b) The Society will continue to do the administrative processing for Fete        under the same arrangement as previous years.

4) Publications

The Phantom Barber has been reprinted and Sandra Moncrief, the author, is waiting for delivery of the books. The Society will set-up a book signing and set a date in the next few weeks.

Chris discussed the need to purchase 10 more hardcover “Gautier and Ocean Springs” books. A motion was made and approved to allow him to purchase the books valued at approximately $180.

5) Literary Fest

Postponed until next year due to availability of desired performers. The Fest will tentatively be held in January of 2017, and, tentatively, every other year in the future. Chris suggests using “The Senior Theater Resource Center” from Jackson. The Board is in favor of this idea.

6) Book Donations to School Libraries

The Board debated if we should give local history books and CDs to the schools. A motion was made and approved to give one each of Chris Wiggins’ books, The History of Jackson County, and the Journals on CD to Colmer Middle School. Deidre will create an inventory to send to the other schools for them to make selections of items they wish to have.

7) Doug Coulter Recognition

A motion was made and approved to donate a book (valued up to $50) in his honor.

It was suggested we keep a list of members who pass away so that the Board may honor them.

8) By-laws

Discussion tabled until next month due to excessive time spent in this meeting9) 2016 Calendar

General Meeting, January 26, 6 pm. Topic: “How to Self-Publish”, by Dr. Chris Wiggins.

February is Black History Month

Board meeting February 16, 5:30

General Meeting Program, February 23, 6 pm, “Researching Free Persons of Color”, by Ann Anderson

10) LPK- Liz reports progress is being made regarding the restoration. The house will be on the Pilgrimage this year.

11) Floor Items

Membership- Members need to be alerted that it is time to pay dues. Joanne will email the members to remind them of the upcoming meeting and dues. Deidre will collect dues at the meeting.

There was discussion of the duties of the corresponding secretary and who should pick up the mail and keep track of dues. Further discussion is tabled until next month. For now, Deidre will maintain dues payment and Joanne will give Deidre copies of checks received and give the money to Linda.

Library- Renee reports on February 27 at 3 pm, a black history program entitled, “Shake Hands with History”, will be performed at the Interactive Center.  Renee also asked for $100 for the Carver HS group to support this program. All were in favor.


February 16, 2016

JCHGS Board of Directors’ Meeting

Present: George, Joanne, Sherry, Deidre, Rose , Chris, Linda

1.     Approval of minutes

2.     Linda wrote a check for $50 from the Society to Ann Anderson, next week’s featured speaker.

      She presented the Profit and Loss Statement. All financial reports are up to   date.

3.     Publishing Update- Joanne has the 2014 Journal. She made a motion to change the date from “2014” to “Journal 31, 2016”.

      The motion was seconded and approved.

4.     Bylaws- Deidre will e-mail recommendations to the Board

5.     Bicentennial-2017

      George would like to involve JC Public Affairs and the Strategic planning        commission to come up with suggestions for activities. Emerge Pascagoula    was also suggested.

6.     Calendar- the calendar is now on –line.

Programs: Feb- Free Persons of Color; March- Phantom Barber; April- Fete.

George suggested using the other end of the room for programs. The AV set-up needs to be assessed and a screen obtained.


 June 20 2016

JCHGS Board Meeting 

Attendance: George, Joanne, Sherry, Chris, Rose, Ben Donald  (Linda’s assistant)

1) Minutes from previous meeting were approved

2) Treasurer’s report

$75, 000 taken out of the Society’s account and transferred to LPKF. These were donations, etc.

We paid $450 to Jason Keenum, CPA, for taxes in 2016

The Society’s net income was $35, 043.65.

Total checking/savings to date is $83,320.12.

Chris made a motion to dissolve the $25 Oldfield’s Reserve and distribute it to Martha Duvall @ MS Heritage Trust (MHT)

Joanne made a motion that Chris Wiggins can use up to $200 to buy his books for resale without prior approval from the board. The motion was seconded and approved.

Sherry made a motion that she can spend up to $500 to print journals for resale. The motion was seconded and approved with an amendment to include $75 to Lance Gainey to illustrate the cover of the journals.

3) 2016 and 2017 Programs

George discussed his communication with Mary Margaret White o the MS Bicentennial committee. They discussed grant programs and the MS Blues Trail plaque at the Fairgrounds celebrating 25 years of Blued\s Fest.

George also discussed Bicentennial Celebration plans in Jackson County.

Chris and George suggested meeting with the staff from Jackson County PR department to discuss what they did for the county bicentennial. At their meeting on Aug 9.

2017 Programs

January-the Bicentennial Flag travelling exhibit from MDAH

Feb- Ann Anderson

Mar- Sherry suggested a program on  DNA testing  for genealogy

April- Fete

Oct- Cemetery Tours

4) 2017 Elections

David Blackledge would like to be a director, possibly of military history. The Board approved his appointment. Joanne also suggested Mitchell Cirlot as a director.

5) Publications Update

Joanne is working on the journal. She will send it to Chris Wiggins who will get with Lance about the artwork.

6) Bylaws update- N/A

7) July 26 Meeting- Chris asked that we reserve a few minutes for the presentation of “Descendants of Mexican War Veterans” Commendations Medal.

8) No Committee reports

9) Floor items

George and Chris discussed maintaining a relationship between the Society and the MS Maritime Museum.

Chris discussed the Pascagoula-Gautier School District plans for the OLD PHS Auditorium.

Per Chris Wiggins, he city plans to finish the east end of the beach expansion including installing more historical panels. There was discussion of presenting the panels in a library program.

The JCHGS received a Heritage Award for Education from MHT.

July 1- Grand opening of LPKH Museum. Info at www.lapointekrebs.org

Chris suggested having brochures at the visitors’ center.

Joanne discussed an opening for an archivist manager in the genealogy department.

Meeting Adjourned

 August 22, 2016

JCHGS Board Meeting

Attendees: George, sherry, Else, Deidre, Chris, Liz, Linda, David

1.   Review of notes from last meeting in lieu of minutes.

2.   Publications update- Betty Rogers’ Collection to be donated by her family to the society. The family would like to retain copies. Else volunteered to scan the items for the family. George suggested we make a complete inventory of the items prior to scanning. Also, Mr. James Planer passed away recently. The family does not want his archives. Else plans to go by and collect his work.  

The Journals  (2016) are complete. Chris is waiting to receive a copy. He will use the existing introduction and proceed with publishing.

3.   No treasurer’s Report this month. However, it was reported that the city of Pascagoula would donate $750 for the Greenwood Cemetery Tour.

4.   2017 Calendar- Sherry is working on a list of presenters. The current list was presented at this meeting.

5.   By-laws Update- Discussion of eligibility requirements for honorary and lifetime members. There was also discussion of committee appointments. Liz is working on the update and will send the update via e-mail.  Chris discussed proxy voting. It is the Board’s consensus that members must be present to vote.

6.   MS Maritime Museum- The Society will donate $5000 to the MMM in order to establish a “friendly” relationship between the organizations (pending a Memo of Understanding).

7.   Street Name Project- Chris suggested a project researching the origin of local street names.  Tommy (not present at this meeting) later agreed to lead this project. This information can be presented as a General Membership Program. Chris also suggested publishing this info as a Journal.

8.   Pascagoula Historical Trail- Chris has been working with Jen Dearman regarding a “3rd Friday Event” planned for Sept 16, 5-8 pm. Chris volunteered to lead a tour along part of the Historical Trail. Liz will investigate using the trolley.

9.   State Bicentennial- George suggested having a Town Hall Meeting to prepare for this event. All local organizations are encouraged to participate.  He suggested a date of Nov 15. Location TBD.

10.                 Zonta- the Society will participate and have a table in front of the library.

11.                 Committee Reports-

LPK- The “bousillage expert” will be on site for installation this week.  There are several grants in process and hopefully a large sum of funding will become available at once.

Major General David Blackledge was introduced as our newest committee member. He was invited to head the Military History Committee.

12.                 Cemetery Tours

Griffin Oct 8; Times 9,10, 11, 12

Greenwood Oct 27 4:30?

13.                 Floor Items- Deidre discussed sharing information with the school libraries. There are 46 schools in Jackson County. It was suggested sending an inventory to see what they want (ex: History of JC on CD) Chris suggested donating his paperback books to each library.  Else suggested giving cemetery books to PHS for 11th grade History Class; and to 4th and 9th grades for MS History.

Else also reports working on the history of Moss Point with Robert Khayat.

Meeting adjourned. 

September 20, 2016

JCHGS Board Meeting Minutes

1.     Minutes from previous meeting were reviewed and accepted.

2.     Treasurer’s report.

George reviewed the balance sheet.

Liz discussed fete funding. Liz may ask Linda for a letter saying the Society is holding money intended to be used for LPK.

Per George, Linda will check to see who can sign checks, etc., in Linda’s absence.

3.     Programming- see list

4.     Cemetery Tours

There is $1350 cash available to use for the Tours; not including $750 from the City and requested money from the Kiwanas.

Deidre requested a check for $300 for Griffin Tour. Motion was made and passed.

Sat, Oct 24, 9 am-12 pm, clean-up at Greenwood Cemetery. The city will repair the gate and provide sand for the walkway. Help may be provided from the drug offenders’ court. Heritage Funeral Home will bring heavy equipment.to restore and repair some gravesites.  A mason has also offered to make some repairs. OLV has volunteered, as well.

Rehearsal is scheduled for Oct 20, 6pm.

Griffin Cemetery has committee that tends to that property. The Griffin Tour has become a non-profit organization and is incorporated. Donations will be tax deductible. Griffin Tour has a Facebook page.

5.     By-laws- the revision is complete. The amendments will be voted on by the general membership at the next meeting.

6.     MS Maritime Museum- George notified them of our pending donation of $5000. He is working on the MOU.

7.     Street name project-Chris reported on this.  Go to JCHGS100@yahoo.com to submit information.

8.     Zonta, Oct 1- we will have Cemetery Tour fliers and membership forms. We may use a “square” for book sales so we can accept credit cards.

9.     Bicentennial

MS Tourism Association Bicentennial Commission, March 30-April 2, in Gulfport at the old VA. $500,000 available in grant money, per site (county?) to be divided into $10,000 allotments.  Liz suggested applying for a grant for FETE.

Commission meetings are Weds at 4 pm in Lyman, possibly the 1st Wed of each month. George is hoping to see and receive the official logo then.

12. Christmas Party Tuesday, Dec 23th, Scranton’s- confirmed

13. LPKH- report from Liz. Doing great. Getting ready to apply for “the4 big grant”. Patty Huffman writes the grant requests. Also, applying for Restore MS and Tidelands grants.

4th graders from GPSD are touring on Weds now through Oct. Glenda Smith leads the program.


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